CCM Ribcor 65K Grip Stick Senior 75 Flex

CCM Ribcor 65K Grip Stick Senior 75 Flex
CCM Ribcor 65K Grip Stick Senior 75 Flex (2)
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RibCor 64K Senior CCM stick 75 Flex. X-Flow technology for increased durability and lighter weight
Enhanced Pop Matrix shaft design for maximum bend and speed of release
Ascent Blade 2 for heightened puck feel and quicker shot response
C6 blade material with tactile surface for greater all-around stiffness and durability
New INT stick geometry for improved stick control and hand comfort
The RibCor 65K is designed with the help of elite-level women’s hockey players and a cross-section of youth players. The result is a shaft with rounded corners and slightly concave sidewalls, for better stick control and comfort in the hands.

The shaft technology in the 65K is CCM’s X-Flow design. The X-Flow is an optimized molding process to make the shaft more consistent from top to bottom, with excess resin and voids removed. This process allows for better compaction of the carbon fibers so the stick is more durable, with improved impact protection and an overall lighter weight and better balanced feel.

CCM has upgraded the 65K shaft design over the 64K model with its Enhanced Pop Matrix technology, a new and more gradual transition into the RibCor geometry. This allows for a seamless energy transfer, maximizing how the stick bends and resulting in a faster energy transfer and lightning quick shot.

The blade on the 65K is CCM’s Ascent Blade 2 model, which optimizes an already stiff Ascent blade for an even stiffer profile. The result is a heightened puck feel for the performance-level player, and a quicker response that, together with the low RibCor kick-point, provides an extremely quick puck release—perfect for the player who likes to flick shots at a moment’s notice.

The blade material is CCM’s C6 carbon fiber with a tactile surface. This construction provides great all-around stiffness and strength to the blade. The result is a more durable blade and a heightened puck feel for the play

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