Warrior Covert QRE 4 Stick Senior 65 Flex

Warrior Covert QRE 4 Stick Senior 65 Flex
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QRE4 stick 65 Flex Senior offers many of the features common to the Covert stick family but at a price point that will encourage skaters into the game and keep them there with an array of appealing features.

Minimus 600 carbon for enhanced playability and responsiveness
Edge Taper design for increased flex energy and quicker releases
12k carbon fiber-woven blade for a lightweight and better-balanced feel
True 1 Phantom construction for a truer one-piece feel
The Warrior QRE4 gives the skater a traditional and comfortable feel in the hands thanks to the stick’s round edges and straight sidewalls. The Minimus 600 carbon offers a nice blend of fiberglass and carbon, giving skaters a big jump in comfort, playability, and performance over the QRE5 stick. The Minimus 600 is a lightweight, flat-weave carbon composite design that increases the performance of the stick’s construction technologies.

The QRE4 benefits from the new True 1 Phantom construction process the Covert line inherits from the Alpha line. Low co-molding construction provides a much truer one-piece feel, a big improvement over the fused two-piece construction used in past models. This new construction gives the skater improved efficiency and greater energy transfer for quicker, more intense shots.

The signature Covert super-low kick point has been sped up thanks to the new Edge Taper allowing for quicker releases on wrist and snap shots. The new Edge Taper is a new angular taper which drives energy created in the flex process through the hosel to help magnify power and provide a quick release. The unique shaft dimension helps to add torsional rigidity so the blade face remains square to the target, even with big shots; a welcome byproduct of this new design is a quicker release. The unique geometry improves the stick’s overall response and gives the skater an improved, more stable feel.

A full 12k carbon fiber weave in the blade helps to remove weight from the bottom portion of the stick, which in turn helps the player in two key ways: it promises a better balanced feel in the hands and, because there is less weight in the blade, a quicker release, since the recoil is just a little bit faster.

With these upgrades comes a new, two-toned look for the QRE4, with a flat finish throughout except for a gloss finish on the grip.

165 cm long

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