Warrior Ritual X2 Kneepad Intermediate

Warrior Ritual X2 Kneepad Intermediate
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Knee Protection between Senior and Junior Size The Warrior Ritual X2 Senior Goalie Knee Pad improves Ritual X and gives the goalkeeper a whole new sense of comfort and confidence.

The Warrior Ritual X2 Goalie Knee Pads are most similar to the Warrior GT2 Knee Pads that come with the Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie Guard.

Starting with the construction of the Warrior Ritual X2 Goalie knee protector, Warrior has used a strategic anatomical design to give the goalkeeper maximum mobility and comfort during movement. The design of the Ritual X2 begins at the bottom with the knee protector, which serves as a cover to comfortably cover the inside and outside of the knee with a strap just below the knee joints, along with a harness that sits on the knee and the goalkeeper's knee fixed.

The interior features a non-slip design and a comfortable landing zone to reduce the load on the inside of the goalkeeper's knee. The lower knee area is then secured with a flexible harness that holds the knee and thigh area together.

Warrior Ritual X2 Senior has two separate parts strategically placed on the thigh protection part of the Warrior Ritual to enable the goalkeeper mobility in any situation. The middle part is aligned from the middle to the top of the knee to provide mobility and protection, along with a hook-and-loop fastener that extends from the inside of the knee and connects to the outside with adjustable placement points for comfort.

The upper pad of the Warrior Ritual X2 Kids / Junior / Intermediate has been designed to protect the goalkeeper's lower leg just above the knee. This piece is secured with a strap that starts on the inside of the thigh and is connected to the outside of the thigh, with adjustable placement points for the best fit and comfort.

Warrior now has a loop on the upper front of the knee pad, allowing goalies to attach the knee pads to a garter belt. On the inside of the knee pads there is a point of attachment where the goalkeeper can tie these knee pads to the pants. With these options, goalies have the ability to hold their knee pads in place during use.

If you're a goalie looking for a comfortable and mobile knee protector with good protection and a slim profile, then the Warrior Ritual X2 Intermediate Goalie Kneepads are just what you're looking for.

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