Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Ice Hokej LYZWY Senior 2E

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Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Ice Hokej LYZWY Senior 2E (2) Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Ice Hokej LYZWY Senior 2E (3)
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Bauer Supreme S190 Ice Hockey Skates - mid price point skate that performs well above its cost. More efficient to attack harder. The asymmetric design in the S190 allows goalies to hold a deeper stance. Keep more aggressive attack angles thanks to the revolutionary VERTEXX EDGE holder. And the Hydra Max 2 liner keeps feet comfortable and dry during play.


- 3D anaformable Curv® Composite boot
* Better structural support
* Light weight
* Added rigidity
- TPU outsole
* Light weight and protective

- Hydra Max 2 liner
* Great moisture wicking properties
* Very comfortable

- Bauer Form-Fit insert
- Comfort foam under footbed
* Additional foam padding for comfort

- Asymmetric extended felt tongue
* Protection against lace bite

- Asymmetric design
* Shorter cut on lateral side relieves pressure when in deep stance
- Soft padding
* Comfortable

- none

- Vertexx Edge Holder
* Increases height of skate by 5mm
* Better attack angle of 10°
* faster, more precise movements

- 3mm LS3G removable stainless steel runner
* Maximizes energy transfer
* Removable trigger system

Weight of a Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Ice Hockey Skate Senior 2E:

  • approx. 921 grams

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