CCM Premier R1.9 Blocker Senior

CCM Premier R1.9 Blocker Senior (2)
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The new Premier R1.9 Blocker has the same consistent Leferve feel combined with a fully bindingless face giving the most legal amount of coverage a blocker can have. The board has the complete pro construction with a 0.8mm plastic board over top of 1” Polyethylene and 3/8” HD foam.

- Bindingless construction
* More blocking surface and increased durability
- High quality synthetic leather
* Pro look
* Durable
- 400 denier nylon
* Wicks moisture
* Durable material

- Leather Velcro wrist strap
* Helps limit twisting on impact
- Textured pro backhand pad
* Addition shot protection
* Additional padding for high impact shots
* Helps stabilize the blocker on the hand

- Adjustable cuff design
* Allows free range of motion
* Improves wrist mobility
* Better stick handling

- HD in index finger
* Guards against puck riding up the stick and hitting finger
- Large side hand protection
- Injection molded thumb
- Emboss synthetic reinforced hand

- Laminated dual density foam
* Great protection
* Superior rebound control
- Angled board improves wrist mobility and puck deflections
- Tapered bottom
* Allows the blocker to lay flush on the rink in the paddle down position

- Centered palm position
* Perfectly balanced
- Emboss synthetic palm
* Highest level of durability
* Texture improves grip and stick handling
- Mesh gusseting used throughout palm and fingers
* Improves breathability
* Allows faster drying

WEIGHT of a senior blocker:
- approximately 1635 grams

Keywords: Catcher, catcher, Goalie, senior, Guante Catcher
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